Catching Redfish in Orange Beach, Alabama: A Complete Guide

Redfish are abundant in Alabama, so plenty of anglers seek them out for sports. These fish are more known as red drum, and mature redfish are often enormous. They can reach up to 25 pounds, but redfish as light as 10 pounds also exist. We’ll talk about catching redfish in Orange Beach, Alabama here.

Catching red drum in Orange Beach means learning about redfish behavior, best redfish fishing spots in Orange Beach, suitable redfish baits, redfish capturing techniques, and red drum regulations in Alabama. 

Catching Redfish in Orange Beach, Alabama

Besides red drum, redfish are also called bull red, rat red, and channel bass. Alabama’s largest redfish catch weighed 45 pounds, and most redfish are at least 10 to 35 inches long. 

Their name channel bass stems from their love for channel or cut edges. This is because the current often pushes food there, and all they have to do is wait for their prey. 

Redfish exhibit good fighting skills. So, paired with their size, anglers like to hunt them for sports. However, these fish easily die when taken out of the water in a rush. Their bladders serve as their balancers, and these expand so much they end up on their throats and mouths when redfish are pulled out of the water.

Hence, unless you’re with a knowledgeable guide or captain, it’s usually wise to leave these fish alone. Alternatively, you can be cautious when fishing for them or attempt to revive them if you accidentally remove them from the water too swiftly.

Best Redfish Fishing Spots in Orange Beach

Generally, the best red drum fishing spots in Orange Beach are anywhere inshore, nearshore, within flatlands, and on backcountries. However, if you want more specific places, visit Perdido Pass, Gulf State Park Pier, Cotton Bayou Public Pier, or Bayou St. John.

Perdido Pass’ boardwalk or beach is perfect for catching redfish in Orange Beach. Meanwhile, Gulf State Park offers a vast pier for nearshore fishing of various fish. On the other hand, Cotton Bayou and Bayou St. John are excellent spots for inshore red drum fishing.

Besides these, keep in mind that tides matter when fishing for redfish. As mentioned earlier, red drums tend to hang around channel or cut edges as they wait for food. The tides always push food to those spots, so it’s a paradise for redfish. 

If it’s a paradise for redfish, this means it’ll be a paradise for red drum fishermen as well. When fishing for redfish, observe where the tide flows and you’ll have a higher chance of bagging these fish. Red drums will often be in the bottom of the channel or cut’s bend, and that’s where your bait should be positioned when catching redfish.

On the other hand, if you’re in shallow waters or on flats, you can find redfish in two places. First, you can choose to wait for high tide when the red drums are feeding. You’ll find them in shallow waters then. Second, you can find redfish in the deeper waters opposite the tide since that’s where they’ll swim once the tide moves out. 

Large redfish usually wait in a shallow’s deeper area to ambush their prey, so it’s one of the best spots to catch them in.

Best Baits for Redfishes in Alabama

Redfish don’t discriminate much when it comes to food, so any bait will do. You can choose live baits or artificial lures. Live baits like mullet, crab, croaker, and shrimp perfectly attract red drum. Meanwhile, artificial baits like loud plugs and spoons work well in enticing redfish.

If you’re aiming for enormous redfish, it’s best to use minnows, croakers, and mullet. Mullet are abundant in Orange Beach during the fall. However, mullet as a bait should at least be 4 inches long. Additionally, note that if you choose bigger baitfish, you’ll have lower chances of catching smaller fish while fishing for red drum. 

Then again, you can catch redfish with bait specific for each season. Sand dollars, shrimps, and crabs are wonderful baits for fall and summer, while mullets and pinfish are excellent red drum baits during spring and winter. 

Common Techniques for Redfish Fishing

Drift fishing, fly fishing, and light tackling most suitably works in catching redfish in Orange Beach, Florida.

Redfish Season in Orange Beach

Red drum fishing in Orange Beach doesn’t have a closed season. However, the best time for catching redfish in Orange Beach starts in January to February and ends in September to December. Meanwhile, low season for catching red drums is from April to July.

Redfish Fishing Regulations in Alabama

In Alabama, redfish should be a minimum of 16 inches but not exceed 26 inches in length. Bagging per person is limited to three redfish.

Also, note that you can’t buy or sell red drum caught in state waters.

Cooking Orange Beach Redfish

When cooking redfish, remember it tastes mildy sweet. It’s sometimes said that its flavor is similar to red snapper, and it’s only semi-flaky. Hence the best way to prepare red drum is to lightly grill it or cook it with light spices or sauces.

Hiring a Fishing Charter for Redfish Fishing

It’s always wise to hire a fishing charter for redfish fishing or any other fishing trip. Fishing charters like Orange Beach, Alabama Fishing Charter ensure smooth, safe, successful, and memorable fishing sessions. They provide you with most of what you need, such as gear, accommodation, and a highly experienced local fishing guide.

Other Fish to Catch in Orange Beach

In Orange Beach, Alabama, fish such as amberjack, cobia, dolphinfish, flounder, grouper, mackerel, marlin, pompano, redfish, sailfish, seatrout, sheepshead, snapper, tuna, triggerfish, and wahoo. Click on the fish names to know more about them, or visit our blog for more useful guides when it comes to fishing in Orange Beach.

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