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Besides tasting great, tunas are also a pleasure to catch if you’re someone who enjoys fighter fishes. Destin features yellowfin, bluefin, blackfin, and skipjack tunas. To start your tuna fishing adventure, reach out to Destin Tuna Fishing Charter.

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Orange Beach has some of the best tuna fishing Florida has to offer.

Yellowfin, bluefin, blackfin, and skipjack tunas are Florida’s most-prized tunas. Catching one of them is quite highly rewarding for two reasons: they taste good and they’re fighters. 

Everything you Need to Know About Tunas in Orange Beach

Blackfin tuna hang out close to the shoreline, while the yellowfin, bluefin, and skipjack tunas prefer to stay in deeper waters. These creatures can swim as fast as 43 miles per hour, and can be as heavy as 200 pounds. The largest tuna species in Destin so far had measured 78 inches in length.

Fishermen who appreciate a challenge often go after blackfish tunas due to their fighting spirit.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Tunas

The best techniques for catching tunas in Destin are deep sea fishing, light tackling, fly fishing, jigging, popping, kite fishing, spear fishing, trolling, and drift fishing. You’ll also need bright lures and shiny baits. Moreover, be prepared for resistance and the possibility of gear damage if you come unprepared.

Why Choose Orange Beach for Tuna Fishing

Destin has the shore that blackfishes love, of course, and the deep waters that yellowfin, blackfin, and bluefin tunas appreciate. Moreover, Destin also features the Destin Tuna Fishing Charter, which is the best charter for anyone looking for an adventure.

Alabama Fishing Regulations for Catching Tunas

Depending on the type of tuna you’re after, you may need to get a federal HMS Angling Permit. However, if you’re after an unregulated type of tuna, you only have to follow the limit of 100 pounds or two fishes per day.

Why Choose Orange Beach as Your Next Tuna Fishing Charter

Besides keeping you safe and armed with the best fishing gear, we’ll help you create unforgettable memories that you can tell your descendants for years to come. Check out our blog for useful fishing tips on Destin, Florida Tuna Fishing Charter and others.

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