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If you wish to fish and stay in shallow waters, Destin Speckled Trout Fishing Charters can help you out. These fishes rarely move from their spawn point, and their size makes them quite easy to catch.

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Orange Beach has some of the best speckled trout fishing Florida has to offer.

Speckled trouts rarely move from the spot they spawn from. This is why they’re easy to look for. They grow to about 8 to 9 inches upon maturation, can be as tall as 39 inches, and can live for a maximum of 10 years. 

Everything you Need to Know About Speckled Trouts in Orange Beach

Speckled trouts start spawning in late March until September, but their peak season is from June to August. You can spot them in grass flats and shallow waters. In the southwest, they hang around in vegetated areas such as mangroves. On the other hand, mud, shell reefs, and marshes are their favorite spots in the north.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Speckled Trouts

Fly fishing is a common method anglers use in catching speckled trouts. Meanwhile, shrimps, mullets, grunts, croakers, herrings, and pinfishes are often incorporated as live baits to attract speckled trouts.

Why Choose Orange Beach for Speckled Trout Fishing

If speckled trout trophies are what you’re after, the best place to look for them is in Destin, Florida. Destin’s geography provides these fishes the perfect habitat, which will in turn give you the perfect opportunity to capture them.

Alabama Fishing Regulations for Catching Speckled Trouts

At present, there’s a catch-and-release order on speckled trouts in some places. This is due to red tide.

Why Choose Orange Beach as Your Next Speckled Trout Fishing Charter

Besides keeping you safe and armed with the best fishing gear, we’ll help you create unforgettable memories that you can tell your descendants for years to come. Check out our blog for useful fishing tips on Destin, Florida Barracuda Fishing Charter and others.

Catch Speckled Trout in Destin Florida


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