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Destin is prevalent with black, red, gag, and goliath groupers. You can’t bag goliath groupers, but the other three grouper subspecies will  be more than enough to satisfy your cravings. Reach out to Destin Grouper Fishing Charter now to see how it works.

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Orange Beach, Alabama has some of the best grouper fishing Alabama has to offer.

Groupers have a variety of subspecies, but the most prevalent ones in Destin are the red, black, gag, and goliath. Bagging goliath groupers are prohibited, but taking home red, black, and gag groupers are possible. 

Everything you Need to Know About Groupers in Orange Beach

Grouper supply takes a long time to replenish due to the fish’s mating habits. Red and black groupers are no longer overfished, so you may see more of them than the other grouper species. Compared to the gag groupers, which are only in season from June to December, black and red groupers are in season year-round. However, the gag groupers often possess the title “choice grouper” since they offer firmer and bigger meat.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Groupers

Destin groupers aren’t picky when it comes to bait. You can find them inshore, nearshore, offshore, by the reefs, or by a wreck. Often, line and hook are enough to catch them, and methods such as light tackling, jigging, drift fishing, and bottom fishing are used to capture them.

Why Choose Orange Beach for Grouper Fishing

Groupers love temperate waters, and what’s more temperate than Florida’s waters? Plus, with the existence of Destin Grouper Fishing Charter, you can’t go wrong and can only be guaranteed fresh catches alongside newfound and unforgettable memories.

Alabama Fishing Regulations for Catching Groupers

The main reason for grouper population depletion stems from fishermen capturing groupers when they gather together to mate. At present, the limitation for catching gag and red groupers is two per person with a minimum size of 24 inches, while the black grouper has a limit of four per person with a minimum size of 24 inches. 

Why Choose Orange Beach as Your Next Grouper Fishing Charter

Besides keeping you safe and armed with the best fishing gear, we’ll help you create wondrous memories that you can tell your descendants for years to come. Check out our blog for useful fishing tips on Destin, Florida Grouper Fishing Charter and others.

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